Southend University Hospital – EVAR Theatre

Based just off the M25 in Essex, FGC is a highly experienced and forward thinking building contractor. Over the years, we have developed specialisms in the health, education, community and housing sectors where projects are invariably highly demanding in terms of logistical complexity, tight scheduling, technical standards, and sometimes occupied.

We are now translating those skills into the commercial arena, where we continue to offer proven solutions to challenging scenarios in order to keep projects on track.


Meantime Brewery Tasting Rooms, Greenwich

Our approach today is underpinned by the stability of over seventy years of trading. Established in 1948, we are proud of our tradition of working constructively with clients and sub-contractors that has contributed so much to our success.

Competitively priced tenders are one thing, completing contracts on time and to budget is another, but managing contracts and relationships in a spirit of partnership is quite another. Of course we’re in business to make profits, but not at any cost and not with a short term outlook.

We’re a company that is intensely focussed on our future, whilst remaining fiercely proud of our past.


Nuffield Hospital Brentwood


Rokeby Prep School, Kingston-upon-Thames